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is steampunk still a thing?

In legend machines

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back then

Back then, in the good old days, short after the dawn of the new century, we loved to build mechanical devices and we called them … machines! Uhm what? Yeah, I am talking about early early 2000s.

I built things that looked like a hundred years ago, especially computers and phones. I came across the term steampunk and thats how i called it then. I see things differently now but I was young and wanted to make a point. One day a guy I worked with for an NGO aproached me and told me, he got that band and needs something for his stage. We were both very sceptical if I could handle that, but after some talking and some sketching we drove to his hometown, plundered the nearest scrabyard, locked us up in a warehouse and after a week we had a machine (thunder noise in the back), climbable, disassamblable, carryable, fited into a van. It was supposed two hold up for one tour, after years I gave up tracking it, it’s probably on some attick now.

That was the beginning of a fruitfull joint venture, I build a bunch of things for their stage appearance and some musik videos while he pushed me into aplying at a design college. Thanks Bastie!






wood, scrap-metal, cloth,

paint, lighting, engines

Machine 676
  • 140cm x 150cm x 120cm, 80kg
  • to carry a piano-keyboard
  • modular
  • lightweight
  • engine and lighting
Machine Singer
  • 90cm x 140cm x 40cm, 40kg
  • to carry a piano-keyboard
  • lightweight
  • engine and lighting
  • old piano housing, without string frame
  • can quickly be taken appart and rebuild
  • used to be carried to multiple places difficult to reach e. g. a small tower ruin in the sea
Music videos
  • other smaller assets e. g. whereable foldable wings in Da Vinci style
  • arranging scrab and ruins for music videos shootings