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Guide to the best Hunter Armor Sets?

Bloodborne™ Attire Combination Generator

Generator to get the best
armor combinations
in Bloodborne™

In Bloodborne, armor is called Attire and there are four independent Attire-slots: Head-, Body-, Arms- and Legs-attire. Usually they come in sets, like the Old Hunter’s set, Father Gascoigne’s Set or even the Doll Set. Each set comes with the four different pieces of clothing. And if you know games like Diablo or The Witcher, you will expect a certain buff from wearing a complete set, right? Not so in Bloodborne!

You can mix and match

Sets have no extra buff when used completely. So you can mix the attires as you like. Most of the time you will probably wear something that looks cool or funny or badass. But now and then you will face a certain problem, a certain difficult area maybe, but most likely …

…them bloody Endbosses

As usual like in all Souls like Games, the Endbosses in Bloodborne are tough, but they only have a certain number of attack types. For example Darkbeast Paarl – that big ball of lightning – will treat you mainly with Physical damage, Blunt damage, and – obviously – Bolt damage. So you will read: Get Hunter Hendryc’s set, it’s good against Bold damage. That is correct, but it’s not the best one in the game. And as soon as you will go for the chalice dungeons, you will face all kind of end-bosses. Bolty-bosses, shooty-ones, poisenous witches, firy wolves, some dealing blunt, others thrust damage. Some doing Arcane, others Bloodtinge. And in such a moment you may not care much about fashion but about plain stats, that keep you alive that extra bit you need.

combinations are better than sets

For most Danmage types there are certain sets having mostly one high stat. But are those sets really the best options? And what if you face a certain combination of damage types? Or if you just dont onw that particular set and dont have enough Blood-echo-coins or Insight-bills to get it? You may start to tweak your armor, but, did you know that in Bloodborne, there are 34 Head, 34 Body, 26-Arms and 31 Legs-attires?

931736 total possible Armour Combinations

Yup! And even if you own only about a third of them, they can be combined into about 10000 different armors. So I decided to make a Bloodborne armor generator (below). It will calculate the best combinations for any Problem you face out in good old Yharnam, or in the Chalice Dungeons. Knock yourself out.

The Attire Generator

How to use




  • mark all the atires you own (click/tap), they are grouped by Attire Type
  • Select the filter categories (= damage types) you want to be protected from.
  • Click/tap on ‘get results’.
    (lower right corner)
  • You can use the sort buttons (bottom) to sort the attires and the results by name or any defenses stats.
  • Pick the result you like best and get dressed, done

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